I joined Elle magazine for a fitness class with ‘Super Trainer’ and Miss two times UK Bikini Champion, Miss Janine George.  Janine’s Meta Burn class is the ONLY work out that literally burns away your fat and increases your metabolism immediately – giving you the ultimate – sexy bikini body we all crave, or is it just me?



Janine’s popular Meta Burn classes at Third Space will have you in tip top shape in no time, but there’s a catch – The catch is, you will BURN! Especially for those unfit, ‘slim body girls that never work out but looks fit’, people like myself. Although, I may have been the most petite in the class, I was by FAR the only one that struggled to keep up – evidently, in this case the ‘struggle’ was very real indeed.



Miss Super Trainer pushes you to your limit and beyond without your prior knowledge, as you blissfully plank and squat those glutes to the thunderous sounds of Kano’s ‘3 Wheels-Up’. She compels you to push further and further, unaware of the impending literal BURN that lies before you some two, or three days later (for me) as the fat begins to melt and you literally feel the noticeable increase in your metabolism.

The secret to Janine’s specialised Meta Burn class is her constant positive affirmations throughout the class, which propels every muscle and joint in your body to work past its limits, forcing you closer and closer to your body goals. You will leave, as I did, feeling elated, healthier and fitter. That’s why Elle magazine has fittingly crowned  her,  ‘Super Trainer’ – you will leave Miss Janine George’s Meta Burn classes feeling like an athlete, as I surely left feeling like the champion Serena Williams after a Wimbledon Centre Court, Grand Slam win!





  1. Beverley George
    February 11, 2017 / 9:30 pm

    Thanks for the informative and inspiring write up on Janine (my daughter). She is truely dedicated to her work and enjoys encouraging others to be their best. She has always been a positive hardworking person and thrives on achieving her goals.
    Keep at it Aud practice makes perfect
    Thanks again x

    • audreyalexandra
      March 1, 2017 / 2:57 pm

      She sure is the best! Thank you ?

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