I ventured up to Coton, Cambridge this weekend to bask in the unadulterated heat, on a farm, sipping on pimms and juice, laid back – watching the cream of the crop performers at this year’s Strawberries & Creem Festival.

With a scorching list of artists from JHus, Wiley, Shaggy, Mike Skinner, Artful Dodger, General Levy, Donae’o, P Money and Heatwave to name a few – There was something for everyone and my goodness was it a blast!

My first time at a festival as I’ve long avoided them for my preconceived ideas about the less than sanitary lavatory conditions. However, I came, I saw and conquered that fear as I danced, drank and ate my way through the curry goat and rice and peas on offer.


I came prepared though, with baby wipes and water to wash my hands and I must admit, it wasn’t as bad as my minuscule OCD had expected.

The best part for me was when JHus and Heatwave hit the stage and figuratively speaking, blew the damn roofs off with their whildwind performances that got the crowd bubbling under the relentless battering from our recent, unexpected heatwave. So, a glorious big thank you to the team behind the festival as I’m already picking out next years outfit and look forward to sippin on gin and juice with you there too. It’s not to be missed!




Playsuit – Zara

Trainers – Converese

Rucksack – Christian Lacroix

Hair Accessories – H&M


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