Hey people of the world!

I’ve been awol the last few months, well, most of this year to be fair, but with good reason. I’ve been working on some secret projects that have fully taken my attention and now I can at least reveal one of the reasons why. Oh, and the obvious, I have ‘new hair’ honey! (#HairMatters)

As you may know, I am an Actress, a TV personality as well as a freelance journalist and I am still under contract to not reveal this but I can give you a good clue…..

On Saturday the 1st July (this Saturday) please tune in to Channel 5 at 7pm (UK) to see a glimpse of some of the behind the (blog) scenes of my life! It’s gonna be epic so do ensure you TUNE IN, it’s a ‘date’ for your diaries.

Until next time, be EPIC in your successes as well as your failures, for it is from them you learn the greatest lessons of life.



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